Group Details


  Ph Gavin 08 6102 3695

Excursion/Camp/Hall Contact Ph 0473 982 736
(only available during meeting times or on excursion/camp)

PO Box 2993 Ellenbrook WA 6069



 Group Leader - Gavin Clark (Jacala)


Joey Scout Leader - Kaitlin Clark
Assistant Joey Scout Leader - 
 Joey Scout Adult Helper -

 Cub Scout Leader - Greg Thompson(Bageera)
Cub Scout Leader - Todd Montgomery (Baloo)
Cub Scout Leader - Quintin Stephenson (Akela)


Cub Scout Adult helper-

 Scout Leader - Jamie Hutchinson (Turtle)
Scout Leader Nathan Bunney (Panda)
 Scout Leader - Micheal Keating(Raccoon)

Venturer Scout Leader - Karen Clark

Venturer Scout Leader - Cara Revell

Occasional Leaders -

Scout - Helen Chance (Pyro)

These are leaders which due to other commitments are unable to attend every week, they assist with activities and programs throughout the year

Committee Members

 Chairperson - Simon Conran
Secretary -
Treasurer - Carol 
General Members
Jenny Hutchinson

Group - Ellenbrook Scout Group             

District - Swan Valley                 

Region - North Metropolitian                

State - Western Australia