Time Flys

Wow, it is June already and have we been busy busy busy. Both Cubs and Scouts have been on camps the last 2 weekends, leaders have had first aid training and another weekend of fundraising, they are due a well earned break after four weekends running thanks to all for your dedication and support. Thanks To Jacala and Turtle who have been also very busy shopping for all the camping gear that has been required, in between.
So much has happened since January we have welcomed lots of new members in all sections and  a new joey leader Bandicot (AKA Nicolle). Akela (Troy) will move to the cub section very soon.
With in the next few weeks, we are keen to hold a busy bee at the school, to sort through some donated resources. Repair a few leaks in our sea Container and repack and organise everything. We are very close to taking possession of out Brand New Trailer that is in the final stages of manufacturing.
If any parent has skills or contacts to help with the sea container please let us know.